We never approach a client showing off our knowledge or status. 

We never question our client's deep knowledge of their own operations.

We listen, respect and try to understand first.

We bring up questions to make our clients question themselves and effectiveness of their practices.

We analyse and interpret information through our own understandings and PM models to propose the most appropriate performance management approach to follow.

We design, modify and agree with decisions makers of the client organisation, and

We act with an organised plan and determination.

We work with a range of techniques, but we are positively biased on one: continuing interaction and communication of all organisational members 

A company may or may not have a performance appraisal system in place for reasons that only those who govern their company can describe. Still they can be effective and flexible enough to keep on working on the same patterns for many years to come. 
The questions then are: 

Why do they call us to discuss about existence of PMS in their companies? What is it that gets them worried about? What can LERIO CONSULTING do for them? What's missing?

In most of the cases communication is weak, involvement is almost absent, employees do not have a voice, engagement and commitment is something to be asked for!

This is what LERIO Performance promises to work on with you 
for the benefit of your organisation

They have said about us:

"I'm very satisfied with the work. Thank you for making the system part of the everyday managerial process; this is how we operate now. I commit myself to make every possible effort to not only this is implemented reliably and creatively, but also to collaboratively develop it even further". Managing Director of a 5* and 4* hotel-chain organisation 
"...His opinions, proposals and solutions he offered to the organisation were always to the point and made me feel safe for their applicability. In all meetings he made with the managers and with the reports of his work he acted with diplomacy, having understood the politics of the organisation very well. Moreover, by his well-aimed interventions he didn’t let any disagreement grow to become a conflict..." HR Director of a 5* Grant Resort
"...Lerio Consulting  approach and understanding of the special conditions under which our company operated and his arguments about what is feasible and what is not, [...] convinced us to move forward. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone asking for a HRM consultant with a personal and caring approach". Owner & General Manager of a Wholesale & Retail organisation

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