We've been partnering with Profiles International for more than 10 years. Applicability and effectiveness of Profiles tools have been repeatedly tested by us and our clients under various challenging conditions in businesses of almost all types and sizes. Users show great belief in the results they get and we make sure their impact doesn't stop to the reports alone. 

We know when, where and how to use the tools and how far to go with the results to achieve maximum benefits for your organisation.

 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Assessments

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Target developmental needs
  • Align talent with business needs
  • Improve Manager Communication
  • Reduce workplace conflict
  • Improve sales performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

                      Why Assessments?

  • 10% Greater Overall Goal Achievement
  • 28% Higher Engagement
  • 64% Greater Improvement in Quality of Hire
  • 2x Improvement in Cost per Hire

Profiles assessments, while both reliable and valid, are specifically developed for business use. We do not attempt to take a general assessment and make it work in a business setting. Rather, we create each assessment so that it is relevant to businesses.

 They have said about us:

"...his was very effective and useful and helped us build the job patterns on which we have based all new hires ever since. The Job Match method for new hires and existing employees has been incorporated in our company's policy and the ISO 9001 certification... He has helped us in establishing our HR practices in our subsidiaries abroad too. Michalis has been a valuable contributor to the development of our company for the last 8 years".
-- President & Managing Director of an Integrated Technology Solutions Company  

"...from the beginning of the use of the assessment tools in our company, employee turnover has been dropped from 39,6% to 16% with a trend downwards. ...From this achievement alone, the company benefited 75,000 €!... What's more, no new hire has left the company..."
-- HR Manager of a hi-tech company